Docs Tell Hulk Hogan Not To Wrestle Again

It appears that wrestling fans aren’t the only ones who don’t want to see a Hulk Hogan vs. Sting match. According to reports, in the interest of Hogan’s health (and good taste), doctors are recommending that the Hulkster never wrestle again. Is it really over for Hulkamania?

Dave Meltzer reports in his latest issue of the Wrestling Observer that Hulk Hogan’s doctors have told the former WWE and WCW world champion to forget about a comeback. While many believed that Hogan’s career was over after Hogan’s nine hour back surgery which required numerous rods to be placed in his back, Hulk Hogan once again refuses to do the job.

I wrote a story about this back in January entitled, Hulk Hogan Will Never Wrestle Again & Nobody Cares. I found it odd at the time that while all of the signs pointed to the end of the Hulkster’s 33-year pro wrestling career, nobody seemed to care. A big reason for this is Hogan who has continually intimated that he would indeed wrestle again. Watching TNA Impact over the last few weeks would lead you to believe that Hogan’s return to the ring will happen much sooner than later.

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