Behind The Scenes At New York City's Scariest Haunted House

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Photo: Daniel Goodman / Business Insider

Halloween is coming and people everywhere are starting to prepare.But at Blood Manor in New York’s West Village, Halloween is a major production.

We got to go backstage at the famed haunted house and see the actors get into costume. It’s quite an elaborate process. 

While we were there, Doc Coyle, lead guitarist of heavy metal band God Forbid, was making an appearance as a zombie in the show and we watched his transformation from start to finish. 

It was pretty freaky but lots of fun.

Blood Manor is at 163 Varick St (right near 7th Ave). There is a pretty long line every night that it's open, throughout the fall.

The fans on line were excited.

As we headed to the backstage area, some of the actors were already getting ready to go into position.

Before heading into the makeup area we check out the fridge. Zombies need to stay hydrated.

This actor didn't want his photo until he was fully made up.

Still looks pretty scary...

And here he is in full costume. King Kwa-Zula has been with Blood Manor for 1 year, but he has spent the past 8 years travelling the US acting in haunted houses. A Physics Major at UCSD, his part-time job in a haunted house turned into a full-time passion.

Makeup artist Diana Calle carefully applies makeup to one of the actors.

The process can take up to a half hour (or even longer) and involves many small tweaks and adjustments.

Coffee helps keep the team running.

Calle has been working at Blood Manor as a Special Effects Makeup Artist for 3 years.

The teams uses a special cream makeup called Kryolan to create a lot of the looks.

But masks are also an important part.

Baby powder helps to get the tight fitting mask over an actor's head.

Not something you expect to see in a room filled with so many faces that are far from soft and silky (at least when they are in character).

I got your nose!

A final tug from the actor.

The clothes the actors use when they are not inside the manor.

It's a complete transformation.

Doc Coyle, lead guitarist of the heavy metal band God Forbid, was making a special appearance in tonight's show.

He got his full zombie makeup done by Roberto Garcia, Head Airbrush Artist, Lead Creative Designer, and one of the core crew members.

He starts with the hands.

Then gets onto the back, the airbrush can be tricky and requires a very steady hand.

Coyle has an awesome tattoo, though perhaps not something you would expect to see on a zombie.

After airbrushing, Garcia carefully applies some special glow-in-the-dark paint.

Watch the whole makeup process in under one minute in this timelapse video...

Produced by Daniel Goodman

Music by God Forbid, 'My Rebirth' on Equilibrium

All dressed up its time to go.

We head outside for some shots in front of the manor and Coyle gets into character.

He posed with King Kwa-Zula, who was working the line tonight to get people ready for the experience.

And then it is into the haunted house...

Coyle gets set up in the zombie strip club.

And as we wander around we encounter some very scary sights.

Watch out for this guy.

The manor also provides dinner to all the actors, but they have to eat in a hurry.

Before you head out, pick up some spooky paraphernalia.

Getting ready for Halloween? Check out last year's crazy Halloween Parade...

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