Do You Want To Be Rich Or Do You Want To Be In Love?


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A wise man once asked me “Do you want to be rich, or do you want to be in love?” Now, in any normal conversation this would seem like a weird question, but on this particular morning, it wasn’t.I was working on two sites at the time, Spotery and Dealery, Dealery was blowing up, and Spotery wasn’t. Dealery was bringing in money, and Spotery was bleeding money and resources.

In my conversation, I had mentioned I loved Spotery and worked on it for so long and Dealery launched in a week but was making money day one, So I was asked something that stuck with me: “Do you want to be rich or do you want to be in love?”

It was a no brainer to anyone looking in, but to the person that thought of and created the two sites, it was a painful decision. 

I knew my answer right away, but the decision was harder. All the nights working on it, all the days struggling, how could I just shut it down? 

I used to refer to Dealery, as the “hot little sister.” There was no better description, she was hot and everyone loved her and wanted a piece. Spotery, was quieter, and only after visiting it a few times, did someone realise how it really could add value to their life. But alas, the hot little sister was growing in popularity and making money, and Spotery wasn’t.

So I shifted my focus to Dealery and cut all the people I had working on Spotery. I didn’t love that I had to make that decision, but I was eager to see how Dealery’s massive potential could be developed. And while it took me a little while to finally let go of Spotery, it became easier once I started thinking of my journey with Spotery as the foundation upon which Dealery was built.  

Everything about Dealery came from Spotery: the name, the logo, the colour scheme, and even the concept (I’ve often referred to Dealery as “Spotery for Deals”). We were able to launch Dealery in a week because of the infrastructure of Spotery. Once I realised that, it became clear what my next steps should be.

Today, I made the executive decision to shut down Spotery. Dealery’s continued growth and ever increasing potential deserve all of my attention, and I’m eager to give it. And while losing Spotery may have seemed too painful a few short months ago, I know today that I’ve made the right decision. In order to provide for Dealery’s future, I must allow Spotery to remain in the past.

So if if you’re contemplating pivoting, my question to you is “Do you want to be rich or do you want to be in love?”