Do You Have Multiple Personal Brands?

Creating, nurturing, and maintaining a personal brand can be a difficult process. After all, it could take years to build it up to the level you want, but seconds to crumble to pieces if you’re not careful. Maintaining one brand can be a headache in itself, but what happens when you have multiple personal brands? Can if effect the way you’re perceived?

Let’s say you’re a successful advertising executive. Half of your online presence is limited to promoting your clients, showing off your knowledge of the biz, and interacting with those in your industry. Essentially, the first half of your presence equates to all advertising, all the time. However, the second half of your online presence says something completely different. You’re a sports buff who blogs about the latest news, you have a separate Twitter account that caters to your audience, and you interact with your followers in a completely different way than with your other accounts. 

If someone is trying to learn more about you, do you see how an individual with multiple personal brands can seem a little confusing? Even though it’s great, and even advisable, to have a myriad of interests, you have to remember that the Internet doesn’t take this into consideration, especially if a researcher has no idea who you are. 

So, how do you sync your personal brands without compromising the content of either?

  • Keep one platform per name, like one Facebook account or one Twitter profile. It’s perfectly acceptable to merge your interests into one platform, just be sure to indicate so on your biographies or about me sections.
  • Link back to your other sites. For example, you could list your Twitter handle, LinkedIn profile, Google+ account, and other profiles on your blog. Should a user want to learn more about you, they have the option to access your information through your other platforms. 
  • Use Vizibility, the first SearchMe Button for Google. Vizibility allows users to customise their top five Google search results, hosting them in free and permanent search me buttons, links and QR codes, which can be placed on most online and offline materials. So, if someone clicks your SearchMe link or scans your QR code, your entire brand, both personal and professional, can be displayed easily. 

Lastly, the easiest thing you can do to merge your multiple brands is to just tell your story. For example, write a blurb on your LinkedIn profile saying you are an advertising executive by day, sports nut by night. Blog about how your industries are alike or completely different. Tweet people in both niches. Do whatever you can do to ensure that your brands are synced into one. That way, you’ll not only avoid confusion, but also cases of mistaken identity and lost opportunities.  

Do you have multiple personal brands? How do you sync them together?