Do You Buy Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson's Explanation For His False Bio?

Scott ThompsonScott Thompson, not reading his bio

Photo: O’Reilly Media

For years, Yahoo Scott Thompson’s public bio said he had a degree in computer science which he does not actually have.Thompson is telling Yahoo employees this false information got into his bio thanks to a document put together by an executive placement firm that interviewed him for a job at eBay (which he eventually got).

He is saying he never reviewed that document, or any of the public bios used for his seat on other boards, speaking appearences, or at Yahoo.

In 2009, Thompson discussed with a radio interviewer what he learned getting a CS degree – without technically saying he had a CS degree. He is saying he did not correct the interviewer who asked him about his degree because he did not want to be rude.

So, what’s your verdict? Take the poll below (and if you’re a Yahoo employee, email [email protected])

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