Take A Tour Of [email protected], The Mobile Search App Everyone Is Talking About This Week

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Almost every day we get a PR pitch in our inbox for an app claiming to change the way we use [email protected], an iPhone app that searches mobile websites and just raised $7 million this week, claims a similar revolution.

We took the app for a spin, and while it’s nothing earth-shattering, it’s still a pretty cool search experience.

[email protected] blends social and mobile search, helping you find mobile sites with the information you want. For example, if you search “iPhone,” [email protected] will suggest searching with the tag “iPhone @ technews.” This helps the app find more relevant results.

Each mobile site loads in a different window, and you can swipe through them to find the one you want. Think of it as scrolling through a bunch of open iPhone apps at once.

You can also share your results on Facebook or “heart” them, which will make them appear higher next time you search.

Take a look at our tour of [email protected] below to see how it works. You can download the iPhone app for free in the App Store.

Here's the [email protected] icon. Tap to launch

Here's the home screen. Tap the bar at the top and enter a search term.

Swiping left and right allows you to browse results. Tap a website when you want to read it.

Tapping the heart will tell [email protected] to show the selected site higher in search results from now on.

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