Drone maker DJI won't let one of its products take off if you don't update it

DJI SparkDJI/YouTubeThe DJI Spark.

Chinese drone maker DJI is issuing a new version of the firmware to one of its products, the Spark, and said that it will stop the drone from taking off if you don’t update it.

In a statement, the company explained that it tried to address some of the problems that made the Spark malfunction and fall.

“DJI decided on the option of a mandatory firmware update in order to maximise flight safety and product reliability which we consider as top priorities,” the post reads.

As the drone can only be activated via the dedicated DJI app, the company will prevent Sparks from taking off entirely if the software is not up to date before September 1.

DJI Spark updateDJI/Drone SupremacyThe update will appear in the form of a splash screen you won’t be able to ‘Ignore’ after September 1.

However, the new firmware version should also bring some improvements, such as better stability after takeoff, enhanced accuracy of controls under the QuickShot Dronie mode, and better compatibility of the remote controller when syncing up with new firmware updates.

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