This DIY seat belt key holder is for the ultimate car fan

This is the ultimate way to store your car keys. Eamon Walsh breathes new life into some old car parts. For this project, he uses a seat belt buckle and some wood. Here’s how it’s made.

First, he cuts the old seat belt buckle from the car. He traces the buckle on wood. Then cuts the wood to fit the buckle. The buckle is glued into place on the wood. Clamps hold the two together while the glue dries. Then the wood is glued together. The wood is cut to size. He engraves the word “keys” onto the wood. Then, the edges are rounded. The wood is sanded down. “Keys” is painted in black. The wood is sanded to remove the black paint. The rest of the wood is stained.

The clip is cut down to a minimal size. A hole is drilled for a key ring. Finally, it’s attached to the keys.

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