Here's A DIY Way To Amplify Your iPhone Speakers At No Cost

Photo: M. Woodruff/Business Insider

iPhone speakers can run anywhere from $20 to $2,000, but here’s a secret Apple probably doesn’t want you to know: All you need to amplify your tunes is a cereal bowl

Hear us out. Alex over at Internet radio site GoRadio decided to test a theory she ran across on Pinterest last week. Some kook claimed he used a water glass to ramp up his sound.

To make things interesting, she threw a couple of other kitchen cupboard favourites in the mix, including a ceramic cereal bowl, a metal bowl and a paper cup. In the end, the ceramic bowl was the clear winner. 

“We found that while all of these products amplified the sound of the iPhone, the one that gave us the clearest sound and heaviest bass was the ceramic bowl,” she writes. “It has something to do with the shape. The original glass hack did work, but the sound was a little distorted.” 

Chances are you won’t get away with this hack at your next house party, but it’s great if you listen to tunes in the shower or while you’re doing housework. 

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