Divorced London Bankers Seek To Claw Back Alimony

If we’re going to restructure banker bonuses, should we also restructure alimony payments?

Should spouses who get lump-sum payouts upon separation be “locked in” in someway, so that the actual payout is tied to the future performance of the one doing the shelling out?

Obviously, these are the deep family questions of our times and it’ll be some time before they’re sorted out.

In London, bonus-less bankers are desperately trying to claw back some of the alimony payments they made to their ex-wives:

Bloomberg: Brian Myerson, the former chief executive officer of Principle Capital Holdings SA, will learn as soon as tomorrow if a London appeals court will alter the terms of his divorce, according to the court calendar. Myerson is seeking to lower the lump sum of about 11.2 million pounds ($16 million) he agreed to pay his wife last year when they ended their 26-year marriage. The value of his share of the settlement dropped to 1.17 million pounds within 10 months.

“He made a commercial decision to put his money on red, and the spin of the roulette wheel came out black,” said Lipson, family-law practice group leader at Withers in London, who isn’t involved in the case. “The judges may feel sorry for him, and it was an unfair transaction, but it was a decision he took.”

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