Divorce In Two Countries Is Double The Trouble

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Photo: Flickr / GoodNCrazy

Think divorce in the United States is hard? Try ending your marriage in two countries at once.Red tape, financial obstructions and cultural differences are just a few of the added problems faced by a divorcing American who is a dual citizen, living abroad or married to a citizen of another country.

There are no statistics on how many Americans deal with divorce and dual citizenship, but it is a growing trend due to custody issues, says Ken Altshuler, president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

“We’re seeing more parental kidnappings, more conflict, more litigation and simply more to fight about,” says Altshuler. “Back in, say, 1975, or even in the 1980s, if a woman wanted to move her kid to Brazil, she would have, and nobody would have challenged that because the man was not going to win.”

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