Divorce Dorms


The latest housing trend? Divorce dorms, such as Korman’s AVE complexes, in which the no longer married can move in right away, with shorter-term leases, and cushy amenities. (Management prefers to call them “neighborhoods,” by the way. Hmmm.) The staff checks in on the emotional health of the newly arrived and asks such things as, “…if there is anything they need in their apartments —a blender? Extra pillows and blankets for visitors?”

New York Times: Ms. Welsh says AVE’s employees have come to recognise the signs of a new tenant in the throes of a divorce, and they strive to accommodate “distress or disorientation.”

Some tenants arrive asking about privacy and safety, first and foremost, and not yet ready to gravitate to the social gatherings in the cafe area. “We watch over them, ask how things are going…”

“Eventually,” Ms. Welsh said, “it seems that everyone settles in to the ‘neighbourhood.’ “

Awww. No word yet as to whether you can get tucked in as well.

But, seriously, the place with its “the resort hotel/neighbourhood/executive suite ambience” sounds so comforting and plush that, well, marriage seems like a poorer alternative.

…Lights that change colours at the push of a button are built into the pool deck; in the summer, vine arbors and tropical plantings are installed, Ms. Welsh said. The Clifton complex also has a large “tranquillity courtyard,” set beside its yoga centre.

On the professional side, the AVE complexes offer business centres with banks of computers, and fully wired conference rooms, where Mr. Carrara said he sometimes conducts meetings.