Divorce At Swanky Manhattan Co-Op 740 Park


United Technologies head George David and his countess/investment banker (?) wife are getting a divorce. They’ll both want their swanky 740 Park Avenue co-op—home to Steve Schwarzman and hedge funders Izzy Englander and David Ganek—but we’d put our money on George since his wife is being repped by the man Donald Trump claims he trounced in his first divorce, Robert Cohen.

Page Six: George David, who runs United Technologies, and his wife of six years, the stunning Swedish Countess Marie David, are divorcing. “They will be in a Hartford court this week,” said a spy. Marie, an investment banker, has hired her blueblood pal Blaine’s attorney, Robert S. Cohen, and is fighting for the 10,000-square-foot penthouse at 740 Park Ave. that the couple shared. “It is going to get nasty,” the source added. “She didn’t sign a prenup, but she did sign a postnup. He is very moody – a stormy individual.”

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