It's So Rare For Google To Buy A Startup In London That This Founder Met The Queen

In May, Google bought an enterprise app called Divide for $US120 million in cash and stock. One of its founders was based in New York. Another was based in Hong Kong. And the third, Alexander Trewby, was based in London.

Trewby says getting acquired by Google in England is so rare that he was invited to meet Queen Elizabeth II one week later.

“In California, if you get sold to Google you better get in line,” Trewby told Business Insider. “In London, it’s less common. I believe it was the following week I met the Queen. So the acquisition was somewhat rare.”

Divide is a mobile productivity app that allows employees to carry one device instead of two to work. Once downloaded, the app splits a phone into two modes: work, which can be controlled and monitored by a corporate IT department, and personal, which IT departments don’t have access to, for regular enjoyment.

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