The 15 Most Disturbing Images From Google Street View

Google suffered a huge setback last week when an appeals court said the company will have to fight a huge privacy case over its Street View technology. The 22 people suing Google say it violated the Wiretap Act by tapping into data from private Wi-Fi networks to create street views.

Google tried to get the suit thrown out, but a judge and now a federal appeals court have rejected its argument that the Wi-Fi communications were “readily accessible to the general public,” The New York Times reported.

While Google says its Street View technology collects public information, some of the images it has captured are downright creepy. Here are some of the more disturbing ones:

WARNING – Images might be upsetting to some people.

A Donkey That Looked Like The Street View Car Killed It

Donkey on Google street view

The maps link appeared on Reddit from user nelop about 8 months ago. The Internet immediately responded: the Google street car killed a donkey somewhere in Botswana.

If you visit the coordinates, the donkey looks upright and totally fine at first. But scroll past him and turn around — donkey down.

Google later set the record straight by explaining the world saw the images backwards. The donkey started on the ground, rubbing itself in the dirt, and as the street car drove by, righted itself.

A British Girl Who Looked Like She Was Dead On The Pavement

British girl playing dead on Google street view

Albeit blurry, this Google street view image shows Azura Beebeejaun, a young British girl, apparently dead on the pavement. Concerned citizens who saw the image online alerted the local police.

Upon investigation though, officers learned Beebeejaun was only pretending. She had no idea of the passing Google car, fell over while playing, and decided to stay down as a joke.

A Baby Totally Alone Outside A Designer Store

Google street view baby

The street car also caught this baby crawling alone outside of a Gucci store.

This Sad, Dirty Horse Eating Trash

Sad horse eating trash on Google Street view

Someone probably abandoned him.

These Strange Bird-People In Japan

Bird people Google street view

Reddit user bawsinmymouth posted a link to this strange location in July 2013 — just some bird people moseying down a scenic trail in Musashino, Japan.

A Man Peeing On A Thrift Store

Man peeing Google street view

The NYPD drove by this guy, peeing on the side of a building with a maniacal clown.

The “Portal To Hell”

Creepy house Google street view

Reddit user Loopy Duck posted this location of the “portal to Hell” on a feed about the the most shocking images from Google street view. An equipment glitch most likely caused the effect, but it’s creepy nonetheless. The current view still shows the distorted house. Other photos reveal that entire stretch of road in New Baltimore, N.Y., had glitches.

This Man Pointing A Gun At The Street

Man pointing gun at street Google street view

This street view photo shows a Detroit man pointing a gun at the street in front of the same home where authorities found a 17-month-old baby dead in a closet earlier this year, The New York Daily News reported.

These Toddlers Feigning Gun Violence

Toddlers with gun google street view

Instead of taking his own photos, Canadian artist Jon Rafman peruses Google street view and snaps screenshots for his online gallery. In this shot in his collection, two toddlers hold up a man with (presumably) fake guns.

This Cop With A Massive Weapon And A Handcuffed Criminal

Police with suspect in pick-up truck Google street view

Here’s another disturbing image from Rafman’s gallery. This officer (with a blurry identifying patch) handcuffed a suspect, laid him down in the back of a pick-up truck, and sat watch with a semi-automatic rifle.

A Sick Or Hurt Cow Dragging Itself Across The Road

Cow Google street view

Rafman also immortalised this dehydrated, or otherwise ill and hurt, cow dragging itself across a two-lane highway in an dilapidated part of town.

This Shirtless Guy Watching A Van Burn

Burning van Google street view

Rafman also captured this blazing van — and the shirtless man watching it burn.

The Aftermath Of A Horrific Car Accident

Google street view serious accident

This Dilapidated Apartment Building

Apartment building google street view

From the faces in the stairwells and windows, we can only assume people live here. The children carrying large speakers makes the scene even more unsettling.

These Unwanted Mannequins In The Trash

Google street view dead bodies chile

Like something out of a horror movie. At least these weren’t found next to the “portal to Hell.”