An artist makes the most disturbingly realistic cakes we've ever seen

Lamb-Head-CakeKatherine DeyTerrifying.

Katherine Day is a registered nurse in upstate New York, and probably sees some gory things in her day-to-day.

This seems to bleed into her hobby, as she bakes some of the most disturbing — and realistic — cakes we have ever seen.

Instead of building Pinterest-perfect, flower-adorned treats, Dey decided to take a different route — one that’s decidedly more frightening. Take a look at her creepy creations.

For this gruesome treat, Katherine used her husband's head as inspiration.

Inside, you'll find a tasty red velvet cake!

Some of her cakes seem cute at first...

...but then they take a gruesome turn.

This goat's head looks shockingly real.

But again, it's a delicious cake.

Her creations are pretty intricate -- some require wire frames to help hold the cakes in place.

For this one, she moulded cake around a metal frame, then frosted and decorated it.

This opossum's tail is made from Rice Krispie Treats,

Road kill never looked so tasty.

The cakes take a long time to shape.

And they take even longer to paint.

But they're worth it!

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