Dissecting The Physics Of Basketball Bank Shots

basketball hoop

Photo: YouTube

Here’s the scenario: You’re a college basketball player and your team is down by one. You’ve got a trip to the NCAA men’s basketball tournament on the line, but the clock shows less than three seconds. After your teammate passes you the ball, you dribble twice, pump-fake the defender, and throw up a jumpshot that could win the game.Now, do you shoot the ball straight at the rim or aim for the backboard? According to researchers at North Carolina State, you better try to bank it in.

After analysing computer-generated 3-D simulations of more than 1 million basketball shots, a team led by NC State’s Larry Silverberg determined that, while it does vary, there are large, identifiable areas on the court where a bank shot can be up to 20 per cent more successful than attempting a direct swish.

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