Disorganized White House Can't Even Get The Friday News Dump Right


We seriously have to wonder what the heck is going on at The White House.

First was yesterday’s disastrous press conference, where Obama a) ended up being forced to side with BP, and b) couldn’t say whether the head of the MMS had been fired or resigned, something that had taken place several hours earlier.

And now they can’t even get the Friday news dump right.

See, a mini-mini scandal in Pennsylvania has been going on. Joe Sestak, the Democrat who beat Arlen Specter in the primary has claimed that The White House tried to bribe him with a plum job in exchange for dropping out of the race.

The White House has been slow in acknowledging the claim. But today the New York Times reported that Rahm Emanuel, via Bill Clinton, had offered Sestak some kind of unpaid advisory job in exchange for dropping out. We’re really confused about the unpaid part, but the whole thing looks a tad unseemly.

But the point is: why did this come out right now? If you’re going to wait until the Friday before Memorial day, you do it at 5:00 PM. It’s probably Rahm’s fault.

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