Disney’s ABC: We’re Not Working With Hulu, Either


ABC’s digital chief Albert Cheng provides an overview of the network’s digital strategy to Forbes.  As with that of most major video content companies, it doesn’t involve Hulu.  ABC is largely following CBS’s syndication strategy, distributing video through multiple points on the web (although unlike CBS, ABC is also trying to develop ABC.com as a destination site).  So where does this leave Hulu, the NBC/News joint venture recently valued by an insane venture capital firm at $1 billion?

“We’re always open to talking to Hulu, and certainly we’ve had discussions with them,” Cheng said, stressing however that any such arrangement would have to include the use of the ABC player and could only allow Hulu non-exclusive use of ABC content.

Translation: If Hulu wants to let us store our stuff on their servers and negotiate distribution deals for us, fine–as long as we have complete control and they impose no conditions whatsoever.  This summarizes two of the reasons we think Hulu is toast.

When asked “Which is better–short form videos or full-length episodes?”, Cheng provided another interesting detail: “Obviously, short form is huge”…but full-length episodes have been a big draw as well: “140 million streams since September [of last year] is not something to sneeze at.” 

It’s not clear here whether Cheng is talking about just ABC episodes or all episodes (anyone know?).  For perspective, YouTube streams about 2 billion videos a month. 

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