Disney fans were captivated by this Disneyland actresses’ portrayal of the Queen from Snow White

This actress makes a fantastic evil queen. Twitter/@RoemService
  • A video compilation of a Disneyland actress playing the evil queen from “Snow White” has gone viral.
  • The queen is sublimely disdainful towards the guests she encounters.
  • Actor Billy Eichner tweeted to say he had encountered the actress in person last week and was very impressed.
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A Disneyland actress has gone viral for being unflinchingly cruel and self-obsessed. But it’s ok, she’s an evil queen.

This compilation of clips of an unnamed Disneyland actress playing the evil queen from “Snow White” went viral on Saturday, amassing 39,000 retweets, 136,000 likes, and some 3 million views.

The clips show the actress treating the park-goers with gleeful disdain, at one point greeting passers-by with a cheery “hello, peasants.” She also displays some excellent cape work.

Watch her work here:

The posting account @RoemService followed the video up with an equally savage part two.

Another Twitter user chimed in with footage of the queen talking to an expectant mother with Cruella de Vil.

Actor, comedian, and “Lion King” star Billy Eichner tweted to say that he had encountered this particular actress the week before and had been extremely impressed.