Disney World’s Skyliner gondolas crashed into each other for the second time since opening in 2019

Disney world skyliner
A view of the Disney Skyliner in Orlando, Florida. Orlando Sentinel/Getty Images
  • Disney World’s Skyliner transportation system experienced a crash on Thursday.
  • Alyssa of blog Next Stop Main Street told Insider that the cars were moving slowly when it happened.
  • Skyliner gondolas previously crashed one month after the attraction opened in 2019.
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The Disney Skyliner has become a popular transportation method at the company’s Orlando, Florida, theme park.

But on Thursday, two of Disney World’s Skyliner gondolas crashed into each other for the second time since opening day in 2019. Alyssa of the Disney-themed blog Next Stop Main Street was there for the crash and shared a video of the two vehicles sitting side-by-side.

“After this, two banged into each other and glass shattered,” Alyssa wrote across the video. “I feel bad for everyone stuck on there! It’s pretty warm.”

Disney skyliner
Alyssa of Next Stop Main Street shared a video of the crash on Instagram. Next Stop Main Street/Instagram

In an email sent to Insider, Alyssa said she took the video at 6:15 p.m., and that the Skyliner was already stopped when she got in line.

“After a few minutes, it started moving, then stopped again,” she said. “When it started going a second time, something got stuck and you can see that in the video. I think they were adding a car to the line – it was almost like two cars ran into each other.”

It was “another minute or two” later when Alyssa said she heard a noise that sounded like one of the gondolas “slid past the other.”

“At that point, I heard glass shattering,” she said. “It was moving very slowly when it happened, and Disney handled it well. I think the cars involved were empty.”

Alyssa, who described the Skyliner as her “favorite mode of transportation to the parks,” said she also heard the attraction is back up and running as of Friday morning.

Disney World 'Skyliner' gondola aerial tram at Caribbean Beach resort
Gondolas move over Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort on September 27, 2019. AP Photo/John Raoux

As the Disney Food Blog pointed out, this is the second time the Skyliner has been involved in a crash since the attraction opened in September 2019.

The first accident reportedly occurred at the Riviera Resort Skyliner loading station after a power outage on October 5, 2019. Gondolas collided, according to Inside the Magic, and parkgoers were stuck in the vehicles for over an hour. There were no reported injuries in 2019, or during the most recent crash on Thursday.

Representatives for Disney World did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.