Disney World just added a robot Trump to its Hall of Presidents -- and people are horrified

Screenshot/YouTubeThe robotic President Donald Trump, as seen in Walt Disney World’s revamped Hall of Presidents in Orlando, Florida.
  • Walt Disney World announced on Monday that President Donald Trump had been added to its Hall of Presidents attraction.
  • People are freaking out about the robotic Trump’s appearance.
  • Some people even say the other presidents look displeased to welcome Trump to their ranks.

President Donald Trump has officially joined Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents – and some people are horrified by the robotic president.

On Monday, news broke that the animatronic Trump had arrived at the popular Disney World attraction. Like every president since Bill Clinton, Trump has a speaking role, despite rumours to the contrary.

Many people, however, are distressed by the appearance of the robotic Trump.

Some suggested the other presidents looked sceptical of the robotic Trump joining their ranks.

The Hall of Presidents reopened Tuesday after closing in January, shortly before Trump’s inauguration. Disney originally said the attraction would reopen in late June, ahead of the Independence Day holiday.

But the opening day was pushed back, sparking rumours that Disney was rethinking giving Trump a speaking role. Disney denied the rumours, saying it had been working with Trump to record his remarks.

To be fair, past presidents’ robotic likenesses in the Hall of Presidents have not always been the most flattering.

Here’s what Barack Obama looks like:

And, here’s George W. Bush:

The Disney blog Inside the Magic released a preview of Trump’s appearance on Monday. Decide for yourself what to make of the robotic Trump:

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