Disney To Vet Live Performances After Lambert Scandal

Disney’s reaction to the outrageous stage theatrics of Adam Lambert? Make sure it never happens again.

Anne Sweeney, head of television at Disney-owned ABC, responded to Lambert-gate at the Reuters Media Summit on Monday, saying the family-friendly company will take stricter measures in reviewing performances before they go live. One way to do that would be to sign contracts with artists to makeĀ  sure their on-air performances do not divert from rehearsals (and hence, sex up the live broadcast).

If you where hiding under a rock: Lambert, who is openly gay, simulated oral sex on stage while performing his new single “For Your Entertainment.” He also kissed a man and flipped off the audience.

(Sidenote: Remember when Miley Cyrus danced on a pole at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards? FOX did nothing. Oh wait, it’s FOX).

More Sweeney reaction here.

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