Bob Iger Lives In Fear Of The Jonas Brothers

On Tuesday’s earnings call, Disney’s execs made no secret of the fact that disastrous movies led to a 7% revenue drop for the quarter. But when Bob Iger listed the studio’s bombs he made one noticable omission: The Mouse House’s 3-D Jonas Brothers concert movie.

The singing siblings’ big-screen debut was actually Disney’s worst-performing movie last quarter. It only made $19.2 million in the U.S. by the end of March, and to date, it’s only grossed an additional $1.9 million overseas. The budget for the movie is unknown, but 3-D technology’s not cheap. Despite the film’s disastrous performance, not once did Iger refer to it on the call, nor was it listed as one of the studio’s poorly performing movies on its 10-Q.

In fact, Disney was still promoting the Jonas Brothers on its conference call. Before the call started, the hold music was “Australia” off of the band’s self-titled album—not a track from Disney’s big moneymaker Hannah Montana (or her real-life alter ego Miley Cyrus) or music from Pixar’s Up, which Iger and Co. are understandably very excited about.

And even though the first episode of the Jonas Brothers’ new TV series, JONAS, scored lower ratings than the average viewership for new episodes of Hannah Montana, Iger said the show “got off to a solid start.” The show’s debut episode was actually the Disney Channel’s lowest-rated live-action series premiere among kids aged 6-11 since the forgettable Life With Derek in 2005.

The Mouse House wants to keep its kiddie and tween money machine humming and develop another star on par with Miley Cyrus. But for all of the squealing and pre-adolescent frenzy, it could be the Jonas Brothers aren’t going to deliver to Disney’s bottom line.

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