11 prom dresses that will make you feel like a Disney princess

Fashion NovaThere are tons of prom dresses on the market that resemble outfits worn by Disney princesses.

Besides Halloween, there aren’t many opportunities to dress up like a Disney princess – that is, unless you’re in high school.

Prom provides the perfect chance to wear a ball gown and dance the night away like Cinderella. You can also wear a mermaid-style dress to channel Ariel, or a sparkling blue gown that’s reminiscent of Elsa. Of course, Disney is also home to characters like Megara and Tinker Bell, who, though they aren’t technically princesses, still have style worth stealing.

From off-the-shoulder dresses to dazzling gowns, here are 11 prom dresses that will make you feel like a Disney princess.

You can channel Aurora in an off-the-shoulder pink gown.

Fashion NovaYou’ll look just like Aurora in a pink, off-the-shoulder gown.

To truly match the “Sleeping Beauty” princess, you can also accessorize with a small tiara and rose corsage.

Cost: $US69.99

Find out more about Fashion Nova’s Rule Like A Queen Taffeta Gown here.

To match Ariel’s aesthetic, go for a green dress with tons of sparkle.

ZaraA green sparkling dress will perfectly match Ariel’s mermaid tail.

Aside from her sparkling green tail, “The Little Mermaid” character is also widely known for her red hair and purple seashell bra. To make your prom dress even more reminiscent of Ariel, consider adding colourful jewellery and shoes.

Cost: $US69.90

Find out more about Zara’s Sequin Dress with Seam Detail here.

A purple dress with embellished straps will help you look like Megara.

ModclothA purple, empire-waist dress like this one is reminiscent of Megara’s style.

While the “Hercules” character isn’t technically a princess, her style is fit for royalty, and perfect for prom. You can also wear your hair in a long ponytail to mirror Megara’s look.

Cost: $US79

Find out more about ModCloth’s Sweet Spirit Knit Maxi Dress here.

Choose a whimsical minidress to capture Tinker Bell’s fairy essence.

Fashion NovaTo look like Tinker Bell, you could wear a simple minidress rather than a ball gown.

To look even more like the fairy, you can style your hair in a bun, and wear minimal accessories.

Cost: $US29.99

Find out more about Fashion Nova’s The Night We Met Dress here.

To steal Cinderella’s style on prom night, choose a blue ball gown.

ASOSCinderella’s dress is a classic option for prom night.

Cinderella is known for her flowing dress and sparkling accessories, so make sure to also wear silver heels and shining jewels.

Cost: $US103

Find out more about the ASOS Premium Tulle Maxi Prom Dress here.

A yellow, off-the-shoulder dress is the perfect way to replicate Belle’s ball gown.

David’s BridalBelle’s famous yellow ball gown featured off-the-shoulder sleeves, just like this dress.

Whether your favourite “Beauty and the Beast” film is the 1991 animated version, or the 2017 live-action remake, you’re sure to the look like Belle in just about any yellow gown.

Cost: $US149.95

Find out more about the David’s Bridal Off-the-Shoulder Lace and Mesh dress here.

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Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog” is known for wearing a green ball gown.

ModclothYou don’t have to wear a ball gown to borrow Princess Tiana’s style.

Tiana’s fan-favourite outfit features varying shades of green, so you’ll want to pick a multicolored dress over one with a solid colour.

Cost: $US149

Find out more about ModCloth’s Peachy Queen Maxi Dress here.

A long-sleeved dress is the key to look like Rapunzel on prom night.

Pretty Little ThingIf you’re aiming to look like Rapunzel, choose a dress that’s either lilac or blush.

Puffy shoulders are an added bonus, as they perfectly match the style worn by Rapunzel throughout “Tangled.”

Cost: $US58

Find out more about Pretty Little Thing’s Rose Lace Puff Sleeve Bodycon Dress here.

A blue two-piece will capture Jasmine’s magical aesthetic.

PromGirlTo match Jasmine’s style, you’ll need a blue two-piece ensemble.

Of course, Jasmine wears a crop top and pants throughout the “Aladdin” film, but a two-piece blouse and skirt serves as a glamorous take on the style for prom.

Cost: $US240

Find out more about PromGirl’s Square-Neck Lace-Bodice Two-Piece Prom Dress here.

Merida from “Brave” would definitely wear an emerald-green dress to prom.

Pretty Little ThingMerida is known for her gold-and-green ensemble.

Merida would likely wear a gown with long sleeves (after all, it can get cold in Scotland). To complete the look, add some gold jewellery, a jeweled belt, and matching shoes, just like the princess.

Cost: $US45

Find out more about Pretty Little Thing’s Emerald Green Bardot Maxi Dress here.

There are tons of dresses on the market to match Elsa from “Frozen.”

Fashion NovaElsa from ‘Frozen’ is all about sparkles.

To steal her style on prom night, simply opt for a long, blue dress with tons of sparkly detailing.

Cost: $US119

Find out more about Fashion Nova’s She Got Shine Metallic Gown here.

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