Disney Plus is the fourth most popular streaming platform in Australia – but Netflix is still king

Disney Plus. Image: Supplied.
  • Disney Plus was released in Australia in November 2019 and now has 1.8 million viewers.
  • It is the fourth most popular subscription tv streaming platform after Netflix, Foxtel and Stan.
  • Netflix still dominates the streaming space in Australia with 12.2 million people tuning in.
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Aussies are flocking to Disney Plus.

Research from Roy Morgan found Disney’s new streaming platform Disney Plus is the fourth most popular tv subscription service in Australia, only a few months after it launched.

Disney Plus came out in Australia in November 2019 with a whole slate of films and television shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic – think everything from “The Lion King” to “The Mandalorian”.

The service now reaches 1.8 million viewers in Australia, ahead of Amazon Prime Video – 1.48 million viewers – and YouTube Premium, also with 1.48 million viewers.

“The current COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced many Australians to self-isolate at home indefinitely, presents an unexpected opportunity for streaming companies such as Disney Plus to continue the momentum of customer growth in the months ahead,” Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine said in a statement.

Netflix, however, remains the most watched streaming service, with 12.2 million Aussies tuning in. It’s a jump of 942,000 viewers compared to a year ago. Following Netflix is Foxtel with 4.85 million viewers and Stan at 3.7 million viewers.

While Netflix is clearly in the lead, competition is growing to capture viewers’ attention in Australia.

“Since entering the Australian market in 2015, Netflix has reshaped how we watch television,” Levine said.

“It created a product which allows users to make their own selection of uninterrupted television to watch whenever they want. Its success not only brought other players into the market, it forced commercial television to adapt by creating its own online streaming channels.”

Number of Australians with subscription television in the household. Image: Roy Morgan.

Roy Morgan’s research comes from in-depth and face-to-face interviews with more than 50,000 Australians each year.

Levine highlighted that 893,000 more people got access to a streaming service over the last year. On top of that, all streaming services had a rise in viewer numbers except for Foxtel, which dropped by around 100,000 people compared to last year.

Netflix and Stan are the most popular combination of streaming services, with 3.44 million people having both of them. The next popular combo is Netflix and Foxtel (3.14 million people), with 1.67 million Disney Plus viewers also having Netflix.

“It’s becoming increasingly common for viewers to have access to multiple pay television services,” Levine said. “Of the major pay television providers, Disney Plus is most commonly paired with Netflix and Stan, and thus far there has been a lower take-up by Foxtel customers.”


Disney Plus has just launched in Australia and it’s already cheaper than Netflix and Stan
You can sign up to Disney Plus here.

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