Disney’s next animated movie will have a ‘Frozen’ Easter egg

Moana Disney trailer new

Disney’s next anticipated animated feature is “Moana” — a film about a young South Pacific girl who teams up with a demi-god on an oceanic adventure. According to BuzzFeed, the movie will feature at least two Easter eggs from previous Disney films.

The first Easter egg is, if anything, a bit predictable. Flounder (Princess Ariel’s guppy friend from “The Little Mermaid”) will make a mystery appearance. “You’ll have to find Flounder,” co-director John Musker told BuzzFeed. “I won’t say where.”

Given the ocean setting of Moana, we’re pretty sure Flounder will be tucked among a crowd of fish during an underwater scene. Spotting him might be tricky for most theatergoers.

But the second Easter egg planted by Moana’s creators is a bit more confounding.

“Olaf is in the movie very briefly,” second co-director Ron Clements also told Buzzfeed.

Olaf Frozen Summer Song Disney

Olaf is the lovably goofy snowman from “Frozen.” You know, the one who is obsessed with summer despite having zero experience with heat? He might finally be taking the vacation of his dreams in the South Pacific, and somehow encounter Moana.

“Moana” hits theatres on November 23, 2016. Be on the look out for Flounder, Olaf, and maybe even some other Easter eggs.

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