Get Excited: Disney Is Trying To Bring The 'Avengers' To Theme Parks—Here's Today's Buzz

  • NBCMax Page is doing OK after open-heart surgery.Max Page, the boy who played little Darth Vader in the popular Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial, is doing OK after undergoing open-heart surgery Thursday.
  • Chris Brown met with New York Police Dept. detectives yesterday to discuss Wednesday night’s alleged bar fight with rapper Drake. Looks like Brown is being treated as “a witness and a victim.” Drake’s been cooperating with police. 
  • Chris Brown’s chin wasn’t the only injury sustained Wednesday night. A woman at the nightclub in question was hit by a flying bottle and was transported to a nearby hospital for 16 stitches.
  • NBC announced their fall schedule, and, as always, “Community” gets the last straw in the premiere lineup returning October 19 … on Friday evenings. How badly does NBC want this off the air?
  • Hey Tom Clancy fans, it looks like a “Splinter Cell” movie may be in the works.
  • Sorry, Stephen Baldwin. The jury sides with Kevin Costner in the BP spill lawsuit. Baldwin was seeking $17 million in damages claiming Costner cheated the star out of millions in a BP contract for oil-cleaning machines. Baldwin’s getting zilch.
  • Thai’s Culture Ministry is up in arms with Lady Gaga over claiming she inappropriately used a Thai flag during a concert last month in Bangkok.
  • It looks like Nicole Scherzinger is heading from the U.S. “X Factor” to the UK version of the reality competition. She’ll receive $1.17 million to join.
  • Disney is setting its sights on bringing “The Avengers” to its theme parks after the success of the summer blockbuster. 
  • Celebrities raised $4.5 million for Obama last night at a fundraiser in NYC hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker.

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