Apple’s giant iPad Pro has ‘teeth’ that make it feel like a piece of paper

Just a week after Pixar’s animation team got a test run of the iPad Pro, Disney employees have received the same treatment. 

The visit from Apple was documented on Twitter by Paul Hildebrandt, a Disney product manager, who described the iPad Pro as a “cool new toy.” 

The new Pro, which Apple will be unveiled in November, is being marketed as the opposite of a toy, however. Just like Microsoft’s Surface tablets, Apple is targeting high-end creatives who also want a portable device. 

AppleInsider noted that Apple appears to have created a new feature, described as a “tooth” feel on the screen. The “teeth” make it feel like you are drawing on a textured surface, such as a piece of paper, as opposed to glass. This is unlike any other tablet on the market and gives designers a more familiar surface to work with. Apple has never officially demoed this feature. 

Thanks to Apple Pencil, a stylus designed for drawing, the Pro is ideally suited to the kind of work that Disney and Pixar do. Several of the designers recreated past Disney characters, such as Mickey Mouse. 

And Olaf, from “Frozen.” 

The Pro features a much larger screen than previous iPads, putting it in line with the new MacBook rather than the iPhone 6S Plus.   

The release date, according to the Apple website, is set as “November” but supply chain sources have indicated that it may be the first week of the month