Disney is releasing limited edition 'Frozen 2' dolls for $120 next month

DisneyIf you’ve been waiting for a high-end version of Elsa and Anna from ‘Frozen 2,’ the wait is over.
  • Disney is releasing limited edition Anna and Elsa “Frozen 2” dolls in stores and online for $US119.95 each.
  • They will be available March 14 in select stores and on shopDisney.com starting 10 a.m. ET.
  • 8,500 Elsa dolls and 8,000 Anna dolls will be available.
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Disney is releasing two new “Frozen 2” dolls next month featuring looks from the end of the animated movie.

8,500 Elsa dolls and 8,000 Anna dolls will be available at select Disney stores on March 14 and on shopDisney.com the same day at 10 a.m. ET. Each will be priced at $US119.95.

Here are the dolls with their boxes:

Disney store elsa limited edition frozen 2Courtesy DisneyThe Elsa box is reflective of the lighter tones of her gown from the end of ‘Frozen 2.’
Disney store anna limited edition frozen 2Courtesy DisneyAnna’s collectible box is reflective of her royal gown debuted in ‘Frozen 2.’ She also wears her royal crown.

The Queen Anna and Snow Queen Elsa dolls are both 17 inches tall and highlight the outfits worn by the sisters at the end of the 2019 sequel. They are also posable.

Frozen 2 elsa doll limited editionCourtesy DisneyHere’s another look at Elsa’s gown from the end of ‘Frozen 2.’
Frozen 2 anna doll Courtesy DisneyQueen Anna’s gown and cape are lined in gemstones and show an incredible amount of detail on the back.

A stand-out of the Elsa doll that you may have missed is that she’ll come with pants in addition to the gown she wears. The doll is also dressed in flats.

Elsa frozen 2 pants flatsDisneyElsa’s wearing flats.

A Disney representative tells Insider guests who purchase both dolls will receive a free “Frozen 2” collectible key.

The limited-edition dolls are announced ahead of the “Frozen 2” Blu-ray and DVD release on Tuesday.

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