BOAT OF THE DAY: Disney Launches Cruise With A Watercoaster That Will Make You Puke


Sorry, but your next family cruise might involve you riding a ridiculous nauseating watercoaster. Just the video makes us sea sick.

Disney’s Dream Boat was christened today by Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson, a former Disney Cruise Line cast member.

The 765-foot boat sails the Caribbean, stopping at islands in the Bahamas. The Disney Cruise website says you can still get a spot on the maiden voyage January 26th for $5,380.

The boat can carry up to 4,000 passengers

There's plenty of fun for all ages

Classy and elegant

Here's an example of a typical room

Here's an upgraded room, a little more space and money

Here's the nursery so you can enjoy a night to yourselves

There's a spa with an ocean view

Another view of the spa, enjoy a manicure and pedicure

One of the many restaurants

How could you not have fun on a Disney cruise?

Here's one of the bars for adults only

Another bar for the 21 and over crowd

One of the many pools on board

The Enchanted Forrest Restaurant, perfect for every princess

There's an arcade for the kids too

Check out where this former Disney star is up to no good...

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