Disney’s CEO just quoted the musical ‘Hamilton’ to explain why he’s on Trump’s business council


At Disney’s annual shareholder meeting Wednesday, CEO Bob Iger responded to criticisms of his place on President Trump’s business council by quoting the musical “Hamilton.”

“I want to be in the room where it happens,” Iger said, quoting the smash-hit Broadway sensation that almost certainly will get made into a movie one day (maybe by Disney).

The line Iger used is said several times throughout “Hamilton,” most notably in a song by the same name — where Aaron Burr expresses his frustrations that he wasn’t privy to backchannel negotiations that resulted in stronger federal government, among other policy changes.

“I made a decision that I thought was in the best interests of this company, and I would have an opportunity to express my points of views directly to the President of the United States, and to his administration,” Iger said. “I think it’s actually a privileged opportunity,” he explained. He said his presence on the council didn’t imply an endorsement of Trump or his policies.

Iger’s response got applause from the crowd.

Iger isn’t the first CEO to get heat for being on Trump’s business council. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick decided to quit the council last month after pressure, and Elon Musk has also faced criticism.

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