DISNEY DRONES: Filed Patents Reveal Dazzling Applications For Light Shows And Fireworks

Looks like Amazon may be getting some company in its bid to build and use commercial drones.

Disney has applied for three separate drone-related patents that discuss the possible uses of “aerial display systems,” which means that Walt Disney’s theme parks could one day roll out a whole new level of entertainment.

Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch first noticed the patent applications, which were filed on August 21.

The first patent discusses using unmanned aerial vehicles to create a “floating pixel or ‘flixel'” that could possibly replace fireworks. The second one details using UAVs for floating projection screens that would display lights or images in the sky. The third patent looks to fly around marionettes and puppets on top of the UAVs.

“Presently, aerial displays have been limited in how easy it has been to alter the choreography and to provide a repeatable show,” one patent explains.

“Other aerial shows rely on fireworks, which can be dangerous to implement and often provide a different show result with each use. Other displays may us [sic] aircraft such as blimps dragging banners or even large display screens. While useful in some settings, these aircraft-based displays typically have been limited in size and use only a small number of aircraft and display devices.”

If the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approves the patents, Disney’s numerous stage performances at its theme parks, which use laser lights and fireworks, could theoretically see a massive upgrade.

Drones could one day fly around Cinderella’s Castle.

They could replace fireworks shows with colourful “flixels.”

They could carry tiny houses and ladders.

Or they could be flying around Disney characters in the air.

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