Disney is on a tear at the box office as ‘The Jungle Book’ stays No. 1

Jungle book louie disney
‘The Jungle Book.’ Disney

Following a better-than-expected opening weekend last week where it raked in a massive $103.6 million, “The Jungle Book” took in a solid estimate of $60.8 million this weekend (dipping just 41% from last weekend) to hold onto the No. 1 spot at the domestic box office, according to pro.boxoffice.com.

That puts its total domestic gross to date at $191.48 million.

Disney’s amazing 3D spectacle far outperformed this weekend’s new release, “The Huntsman: Winter’s War,” a Universal Pictures film that only took in an estimated $20.1 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A prequel to 2012’s “Snow White and the Huntsman,” “Winter’s War” had major stars like Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Jessica Chastain, and Emily Blunt. However, the film did not bring back Kristen Stewart, and that, matched with a Friday opening of just $7.3 million, may have led to the film bombing.

Captain america civil war
‘Captain America: Civil War.’ Marvel

It’s likely we’ll be talking about Disney titles atop the weekend box office for weeks to come.

“The Jungle Book” will likely go No. 1 next week, as its only competition are titles that won’t draw massive numbers like the Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele comedy “Keanu,” and “Mother’s Day,” which continues that start-studded (yet poorly executed) franchise that includes movies like “Valentine’s Day” and “New Year’s Eve.”

After next weekend, “Captain America: Civil War” opens (May 6), will likely have a massive take. And who knows when that gravy train will end, as its biggest competition won’t come until “X-Men: Apocalypse” on May 27.

Counting last week, it’s possible Disney movies could be box office champs for six consecutive weeks!

With “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” expecting to make big business at the end of the year (not to mention “Zootopia” still making huge money worldwide in theatres), it’s looking like Disney is going to have a heck of a 2016 at the box office.

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