Disgraced MP Craig Thomson Is Sharing The Link For His Legal Defence Fund

Getty/ Robert Cianflone

Craig Thomson has shared the link to an account some friends of his set up to solicit donations for the disgraced MP.

He tweeted this earlier:


The fund surfaced in April this year. At the time a spokesperson for the independent member for Dobell told Business Insider it was set up by Thomson’s friends.

When asked if Thompson was experiencing financial difficulties, the spokesperson said: “it [the donations] would certainly be very helpful.”

Here’s an excerpt from the text of the site:

This approved account has been established by two supporters who have kindly agreed to act as the signatories.

I have made it clear on numerous occasions in the media that I am innocent of all allegations made against me before the courts.

I know that like me, a great majority of people believe in the rights of all Australians to defend themselves in a court of law. To help me defend myself against these wrongful charges, your donations are greatly appreciated.

Emphasis added. Here’s a screengrab of the simple site:

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