Discover More Card: Great For Cash Back And Balance Transfers

As I recently pointed out in my full review of the Discover More credit card, this is a great option for those who are in the mood for a new card company altogether.

The Discover More Card’s strongest features are its innovative cash back program and, of course, its long 0% introductory rate on balance transfers & purchases (Use the link published here to apply in order to receive the full 15 months of 0% Intro APR; Discover often provides an online decision within 60 seconds).

How does the card’s cash back program work, precisely? You’ll earn a “5% Cashback Bonus in categories that change throughout the year like gas, restaurants, and department stores up to the quarterly maximum. Signing up each time is free and easy.” This is an awesome deal for those of you who are obsessive about maximizing your cash back, and don’t mind checking in once per quarter to make sure you are enrolled properly.

As far as customer support experiences go, Discover is known for good access to real people (not tele-menus). “24/7 access to a U.S.-based Account Manager within 60 seconds,” is offered to Discover More cardholders at no additional charge.

The card has no annual fee, and the 15 months of 0% introductory APR is compelling for anyone who has been stuck with another credit card at 15% or maybe even 20% APR. You can also choose from over 100 card designs when you apply; these images include wild life, art, and even a “biodegradable series,” made from plastic that will break down 99% within 5 years under normal landfill conditions.

Compare the Discover More Card with other competitive offers, and read real reviews from Discover users, on Credit Card Outlaw.

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