44 Beloved Snacks You'll Never Be Able To Eat Again

planter's cheez balls

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These foods and drinks used to grace the pantry shelves of many American households. But their glory days have passed, and now these items are discontinued. 

A recent Reddit thread explored the items that people are the most nostalgic for, and we decided to do our own research on some beloved lost brands. 

Some soda varieties just didn’t click. There are also lost fast food and snack items. 

A certain discontinued flavour of Doritos has people especially upset. 

Altoids' Tangerine Sours were discontinued in 2010.

Butterfinger BB's were mini peanut butter and chocolate candy balls. They were discontinued in 2006.

Black Pepper Jack Doritos were released about a decade ago and discontinued around 2008.

Planter's Cheez Balls were discontinued in 2006. Several online petitions plead for their return.

Wonder Ball was a spherical chocolate ball with a toy inside. Nestle stopped manufacturing them in 1997 after some children chocked on the toys.

French Toast Crunch was a cereal by General Mills that was discontinued in 2006.

Keebler Magic Middles were beloved in the 1980s. They were a vanilla shortbread with a chocolate middle.

Crispy M&M's were discontinued in the U.S. in 2005, but are still available in some European countries.

Surge was released by Coca-Cola to compete with Mountain Dew in 1996. The beverage was discontinued by 2003.

Oreo O's was a cookie-themed cereal launched by Post in 1997. It was discontinued 10 years later.

Tic Tac recently confirmed on its website that it had discontinued its Cinnamon and Spearmint flavours.

Burger King chicken fries were discontinued in January 2012 and replaced with chicken strips.

The Snapple Element Drinks were popular in the early 2000s, but were discontinued. Since then, several online petitions have begged for their return.

Cherry Vanilla Coke (and a diet version) was launched in 2006 but discontinued just a year later.

Fiery Habanero Doritos were discontinued in 2009.

Jello Pudding Pops were a popsicle advertised by Bill Cosby. They disappeared in the early '90s.

Each flavour of Hi-C fruit snacks looked like the fruit it represented. The Brach's snacks have been discontinued.

3D Doritos were launched in the early 2000's and discontinued a few years later.

Lemon Ice Gatorade hasn't been around for a decade, but it does have its own Facebook page.

Apple Newtons were an offshoot of the popular Fig Newton brand. Other discontinued flavours include grape and cherry.

Carnation breakfast bars were a staple in the 1980s. They also have a Facebook page pleading for their return.

Snapple's Mint Iced Tea was taken off the shelves back in 2007.

The Bigfoot was a Pizza Hut pie from the early 1990s. It was very large and came in a rectangular shape.

Taco Bell spicy chicken burritos had a hot jalapeno sauce. They were discontinued and replaced with a chicken burrito.

Regular Coke with Lime was discontinued in 2005. A diet variety still exists.

Waffle Crisp cereal hasn't technically been discontinued, but Post did slow down production so it's difficult to find in stores.

KFC popcorn chicken was discontinued in 2011 and replaced with Original Recipe Bites.

Munch 'Ems were snack crackers produced by Keebler in flavours like sour cream and onion and ranch.

Cookies 'N Cream Twix bars were available in the early 1990s. They were discontinued along with the chocolate fudge variety.

McDonald's had chicken fajitas in the 1990s, but they were soon pulled from the menu.

Peanut Butter Oreos are in limited production. Many customers reported going to stores and finding that they were sold out and couldn't be reordered.

Heinz E-Z Squirt was coloured ketchup marketed toward kids. It came in purple, green and blue and was available from 2000-06.

Hershey's Bar None candy bars haven't been sold in the U.S. since 1993.

Crystal Pepsi was a clear, caffeine free soft drink that was discontinued in 1993.

Aquafina Alive was a fruit-flavored, vitamin enhanced beverage that was created to compete with Vitamin Water. It was discontinued in 2009.

Uncle Ben's rice bowls were supposed to offer convenience in cooking. But they were discontinued in 2008.

Dunkaroos were sold by General Mills in the 1990s, but production has been scaled back, and they're now very hard to find.

flavour-Blasted Jalapeno Cheese Goldfish were a spicy alternative to cheddar, but they're no longer available.

Ben & Jerry's Tennessee Mud flavour was supposed to taste like Jack Daniel's and Coffee. It was discontinued in 1989.

Pop Tarts Crunch was a cereal based on the famous pastries that was discontinued in the late 1990s.

Reese's Bites were peanut butter and chocolate bites that were discontinued with the entire Hershey Bites line in 2008.

Wonka Oompas were a chocolate and peanut-butter candy produced in the 1970s and '80s. Now the name is used for a fruit candy.

McDonald's introduced the Hula Burger to appeal to Catholics who couldn't eat meat on Fridays in the 1960s. It featured a grilled pineapple slice and cheese on a bun.

You've seen discontinued products...

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