Frisbee golfer sinks outrageous 260-metre shot that seems to defy physics

Making a two on a par 5 — otherwise known as an albatross — is among the most difficult feats in both golf and disc golf, the sport’s comparatively crunchy cousin.

But at the 2016 Beaver State Fling (an excellent name for a disc golf tournament, by the way), Philo Brathwaite sunk a truly audacious 260-metre albatross when he managed to successfully curl his second shot in two different directions, around a tree, and right into the hole.

Check this out:

How on earth does he do this? 

There are plenty of good sports happening at the moment. We’ve got the NBA Finals, the Copa America, the European Championship, plus the College World Series and MLB. 

But the best sports highlight of the week goes to Mr. Brathwaite. Congratulations on your frolf albatross.  

You can watch the full clip below (via FTW):

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