Disabled Man Says Bank Of America Fired Him For Walking Too Slowly

daniel herman and familyDaniel Herrman and his family

Photo: Courtesy of Daniel Herrmann via ABC News

A man with a disabled right hand, arm, and leg, is suing Bank of America, saying while his bosses at Merrill Lynch accommodated his disabilities, BofA wasn’t having it when the company took over.Daniel Herrmann, 38, worked in customer service for Merrill Lynch and later Bank of America before he was allegedly fired in 2010 for coming back from lunch one to two minutes late, ABC News reported Wednesday.

Hermann walks with a limp after being severely injured in a car accident in 1992.

In his lawsuit, filed last week, Hermann claims he was an efficient enough worker to regularly earn bonuses under Merrill Lynch. But when BofA took over, his new supervisors didn’t allow him enough time to type information into the computer between calls, causing his productivity to drop, he says.

“Dan was repeatedly told that accommodating him ‘wouldn’t be fair to people with two hands,'” his lawyer Emily Town told ABC News.

Herrmann claims his new BofA supervisors told him the bank wouldn’t do anything to help him, adding “Bank of America doesn’t have ADA rules.”

Bank of America wouldn’t comment on the lawsuit but did tell ABC News the bank is “committed” to helping employees with disabilities.

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