A Disabled Man Has Spent 50 Years Building A Helicopter From Trash

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Some dreams take a long time. For Augustin, a Honduran man who has been wheelchair-bound since he was struck by polio in his youth, that dream was to build a fully functioning helicopter. From scratch.Augustin, the subject of the short documentary Everything is Incredible by Tyler Bastian, Trevor Hill, and Tim Skousen, has spent half a century on the project.

The likely impossibility of his dream, and the jeers of many who call him a fool, have not limited his determination to continue.

How does Augustin go about building his helicopter? Watch the full film, or click through to see.

[Via Inhabitat]

Augustin used to work as a shoemaker.

He cannot walk, and has trouble with his hands.

It does not stop him spending most of his time working on the helicopter.

He began the project in 1958, thinking it would take a few months.

But soon discovered it would take much longer than that.

Even small sections of the helicopter can take decades to build.

He uses only scrap parts that he finds at dumps.

Which makes building a flying vehicle all the harder.

He has bought one new part: a reinforcing bar, or rebar.

He was once given a new wheelchair, which he quickly disassembled for new parts.

He has no formal education to make his task easier.

But Augstin says he can explain how every part of the helicopter works, since he has spent so long working on it.

Some people interviewed in the film are impressed by his determination.

Of course, aircraft are more useful when they fly.

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