There's a strange corner of the internet that loves to look at pictures of incredibly dirty computers

Once again, Reddit and the internet have revealed some of the strange interests that people have.

I recently discovered the subreddit “r/dustypcs,” which includes hundreds of pictures and several YouTube videos of incredibly dusty, filthy computers. It reminds me of the obsession some have with watching pimples getting popped.

With just under 2,000 followers, the “r/dustypcs” subreddit is nowhere near as popular as subreddits where PC enthusiasts show off their clean, pristine, and beautifully crafted PCs, like the “r/battlestations” subreddit, which has more than 450,000 followers.

Still, r/dustypcs is updated fairly frequently with new pictures, which means that dirty, dusty, filthy computers are a thing and people want to see more.

Check it out and see if you, too, like to look at pictures of gross PCs:

It's a wonder why people like to look at pictures of filthy computers. Some people call it 'dust porn.'

But there's some sort of satisfaction to be had here.


This dust has perfectly accumulated in the shape of the fan that was attached to this radiator.

Perhaps some of the satisfaction comes from seeing before-and-after shots of a dusty PC.


But most of the Reddit posts in r/dustypcs only show the computers when they're filthy, and they rarely show what they look like after they have been cleaned, which I find incredibly unsatisfying.

Many of the photos appear to posted by IT professionals or tech-savvy family members who are fixing computers, where the owner complains that it 'runs hot,' the fans are 'too loud,' and their computer 'crashes all the time.'


Indeed, fans and heatsinks clogged by dust will invariably make computers run hot, and electronics hate heat. It makes your computer run slower so that it doesn't produce as much heat.


This laptop's fans are meant to push hot air through to the vents directly above them. Yet, there's so much dust that you can't see the vents.

That means the hot air wasn't leaving the laptop, causing it to become hotter and run more and more slowly as the laptop tried to protect its electronics.

According to the the person who posted the image, the laptop came in to be repaired for 'something completely unrelated.' It's a miracle that the laptop was working at all.

Sorry, Mac fans, but Macs get incredibly dirty, too. This Mac Mini suffered the same dusty fate as the PCs in this list.

Many of the posts show the effects of tobacco smoke on a computer, and it's not a pretty sight.

And many of the dustier PCs are those used in factories or warehouses, like this PC that was used in a tea factory. According to the Redditor who posted the image, the PC was last cleaned in 2010.


And here's a PC that was used in a warehouse.

Even computers in bakeries aren't safe with all the flour in the air.

The Internet isn't limited to dusty computers. Some post photos of dusty, filthy game consoles, too, like this old PlayStation 3.


Or this Xbox 360, which isn't too bad compared to others in this list.

Some use cans of compressed air to clean the dust off their computer. Others find more creative and efficient ways to clean out the dust and filth, like using a leaf blower.


Or using an air compressor with a gas mask.

For your satisfaction, here's that coal-testing PC after its impressive dusting.

YouTube/Rumble Viral

Congratulations! You've just spent five minutes looking at dusty computers! Now here are some tips or how to keep your own computer clean and running properly.


- For laptops, blast air from a can of compressed air into the entry vents every six months or so. These are ports on your laptop that don't blow out hot air. You don't want to blow dust back into your laptop through the exhaust vents, where the hot air escapes.

- For desktops, you can remove the side panel (usually the left side of the desktop). You might need a screwdriver to remove the panel. It's best to bring your desktop outdoors and use compressed air until the majority of the dust is gone.

- Try to keep your computer off floors -- especially carpets, beds, and other parts of your home where lots of dust accumulates. For desktop towers that rest on carpets, try raising the tower with books or racks.

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