This Video Is Why The NBA Is Winning The Social Media War

The Dallas Mavericks won the NBA Championship on Sunday night.

On Monday, the league’s YouTube account posted an almost seven-minute “mini-movie” about the triumph. It features behind-the-scenes footage from before, during, and after the game, as well as interviews with players on both squads, columnists who cover the game and other nuggets that no other outlet can get. It is, in short, extremely well done.

As of this morning, the video had 115,000-plus views, which is impressive, but only a drop in the bucket when compared to the 141 million streams during the playoffs. That’s a record, up 89% from the previous year.

While some leagues such as Major League Baseball tightly control their video highlights, the NBA does the opposite. David Stern and crew adopted a fan-friendly attitude, letting highlights slide while producing excellent content to bolster the offerings.

It’s no wonder publications like Fast Company are touting the massive success, and for good reason.

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