REPORT: The director responsible for privacy at My Health Record has resigned


A senior public servant who was responsible for privacy of My Health Record, the digital medical records of Australia, has resigned.

Fairfax Media reported that Nicole Hunt, director of privacy at the Australian Digital Health Agency, quit amid claims the organisation and Health Minister Greg Hunt have not been taking the concerns of internal privacy experts seriously enough.

The agency is preparing to enroll all Australians in the digital records scheme except those who opt out by November 15.

Hunt’s LinkedIn profile shows she left the agency last month and that she now works for the ANZ Bank.

The Australian Digital Health Agency has been asked for comment.

The period to opt-out of My Health Record was extended by an extra month to next week following controversy about whether or not police and other authorities can access the digital record.

The extension comes after the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and the Royal College of General Practitioners asked that Australians be given more time to consider their options.

The AMA is a big supporter of the the project to create digital records for patients, saying the clinical benefits are enormous.

The key issue had been whether or not these digital health records will have the same protections that paper records now have.

The Federal Government has promised to amend the law to require a court order to release any My Health Record information to police or government agencies without consent.