ZING! Head Of Anti-Defamation League Is TOTALLY Against Any 'Sanctioning' Of Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

Last week a group called the Jewish Funds For Justice ran a full page ad in the Wall St. Journal calling on Rupert Murdoch to ‘sanction’ Glenn Beck.  In the letter they quote Abe Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League: 

“A child survivor of the Holocaust, described Beck’s attack on George Soros as “not only offensive, but horrific, over-the-top, and out-of-line.” 

Turns out they may have been taking Foxman’s inferred support for granted.  Foxman penned a letter to the WSJ that was published today in which he declares his “surprised” to see his name and statements used in the ad and that he wants “to make it clear, for the record, that I do not support this misguided campaign against Fox News, even though my name was used.”

Zing.  But it gets zingier.

While we have said many times that Nazi comparisons are offensive and inappropriate when used for political attacks, in my view it is wrongheaded to single out only Fox News on this issue, when both liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, can share equal guilt in making trivializing comparisons to the Holocaust.

Furthermore, the open letter signed by hundreds of rabbis is a trivialization in itself—bizarrely timed for release on United Nations’s Holocaust Remembrance Day…surely there are greater enemies and threats to the Jewish people than the pro-Israel stalwarts Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes and Glenn Beck.

So there’s that. Not a lot of interpretation needed there.

Foxman’s letter was joined on the page — or at least the webpage — by Jeffrey S. Wiesenfel, the Vice President, American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, who was equally strident in his criticism.

They call for the sanctioning of Glenn Beck and criticise Roger Ailes. If there is a single non liberal among them, I would eat crow…This absurdity and the fact that these rabbis have never seen fit to comment on Mr. Soros’s support for entities that have harmed Israel and Jewish interests (and in my view, Western interests generally), force me to speak out.

A man after Glenn Beck’s heart.  Expect these letters to get quoted and re-quoted every time someone levies anti-Semitism charges against Beck in the future.

You can read the full letters here. 

[h/t TVNewser]

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