Dipity's Doo-Dah Day: Newsline Wins Developer Contest

Never mind the mysterious power outage at IAC headquarters that forced the cancellation of this week‘s NY Tech Meetup. News aggregation site Daylife stayed on schedule, announcing the winner of its 2008 Developer Challenge: Newsline, the latest mashup from San Francisco-based mashup maker Dipity.

Newsline organizes Daylife’s content into interactive timelines, lists, maps and flipbooks based on the selected time increment (from hours to years). Users can also run comparative searches on two topics — for example, John McCain and Barack Obama — to analyse trends in media coverage that also includes videos and imagery.

Launched earlier this year, Dipity has already applied the concept to three major content sites:

  • TimeTube (YouTube)
  • Tickr (Flickr)
  • Digg Days (Digg)

Their reward for doing it with Daylife? $3,500 — and press mentions like the piece you’re reading now.

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