My Amazing 14-Course Meal At Duck & Waffle, A London Restaurant That Gets 2,000 Reservation Requests Per Day [PHOTOS]

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Last week, I was invited to visit London by not-for-profit promotional group, London & Partners.

London & Partners, which is funded by the city’s mayor, showed off its budding tech culture to reporters and snagged a dinner reservation at one of England’s hottest new restaurants, Duck & Waffle.

Duck & Waffle opened last summer. Located 40 floors up in the Heron Tower, it’s the tallest restaurant in London. Directly below it is a sister restaurant, Sushisamba. 

While Sushisamba has multiple locations, including three in New York City, there’s only one Duck & Waffle. The restaurant serves a take on British and European food, and although it’s often filled with celebrities and socialites, it’s affordable. Main courses range from £16-£35 ($24-$54).

We ate a 14-course meal paired with cocktails and at least four different wines (four appetizers, two raw starters, five small plates, one main dish and two desserts). It took four hours, but it was an amazing experience.

Disclosure: London & Partners paid for my trip to London to explore England’s startup scene and Tech City. L&P paid for the entire 14-course meal.

Duck & Waffle is the tallest restaurant in London. It sits on the 40th floor of Heron Tower.

A hostess greets you as you step off the elevator and round the corner. The restaurant's head of PR says it receives about 2,000 reservation requests per day.

Here's a couple admiring the view.

Down the steps is Duck & Waffle's sister restaurant, Sushisamba. There are multiple Sushisamba locations, including three in New York. There is only one Duck & Waffle.

Here's a close up of one of the walls.

This chandelier was full of coloured bulbs reflecting off glasses filled with translucent marbles.

There are award-winning bartenders who can make you fancy mojitos.

Or gin and tonics with crushed rose petals, served like champagne.

Here are some of them at work. The bar is located in the centre so guests can surround it and still see the amazing view of London.

Our group was seated in a private room off of the entrance.

This menu alone was for cocktails. A new wine was served with every third or fourth dish.

And here's the food menu. Click each section of the menu to bring it into focus and read the items.

Our meal was prepared by an award-winning chef, Daniel Doherty. It included crispy pig ears served in a paper bag like french fries, and the restaurant's signature dish, duck and waffles. Getting through it all took four hours.

First came olives. They were nearly the size of plums.

Then came bacon wrapped around unbelievably large dates.

Next came flat breads, one with with olive oil, rosemary and garlic, the other with roasted tomatoes and goat cheese.

Crispy spiced pig ears were served in brown paper bags with barbecue flavoring.

Scallops were accompanied by apples on a salt slab.

Beef tartar and foie gras came next.

Roasted octopus with lemon and chorizo.

A massive doughnut covered in sugar and spices came stuffed with ox cheek and a side of apricot jam.

Bitter leaf salad was served with oranges.

A dish of beetroots and goat curd.

One of the final dishes was a restaurant signature, duck confit and a waffle. The large egg on top is actually a fried duck egg. It was followed by two desserts.

Another shot of the signature plate.

One last shot of London before we left, full and four hours later.

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