A goalkeeper had to be carried off the field on a stretcher after this outrageous trick from French star Dimitri Payet

  • Dimitri Payet duped goalkeeper Alexandre Oukidja with a fake shot before cooly finishing.
  • His opponent left the field on a stretcher.
  • You can watch the viral goal right here.

French footballer Dimitri Payet’s feet are so fast, he can harm an opponent without even touching them.

That’s what happened on Tuesday night when the Olympique Marseille midfielder scored an outrageous goal and injured the goalkeeper in the process.

Payet received a fine pass from Clinton NjiĆ© in the 87th minute of his team’s Ligue 1 game against Strasbourg on Tuesday.

From there, he duped Alexandre Oukidja with a fake shot, rounded the Strasbourg goalkeeper, and cooly slotted the ball into goal to seal a 2-0 victory for his team.

Oukidja had to leave the pitch on a stretcher.

Here’s the moment in slow motion:


You can watch the goal in full right here:

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