Dilbert Explains What Went Wrong On Wall Street

Still at work and waiting for your long weekend to begin?

We are too.

So we decided to help you do what we’re doing: reading funny Dilbert cartoons. We’ve selected almost a score of Dilbert strips that are appropriate to the theme of the meltdown on Wall Street. It seems an appropriate way to honour the anniversary of the September Panic of 2008.

Start laughing now>>
All strips via Dilbert.com


The Incompetent CEO

Hidden Fees

The Arrogance of Quants

Here's An Idea: Go Into Real Estate

Bank of America Merges With Merrill Lynch: A Metaphor

Investing Billions Based On Made Up Numbers

Confident Projections Based On Terrible Data

The Data Shows No Housing Market Bubble: A Metaphor

Blame Lax Regulations For Business Failure

How To Do Risk Management

I Just Bought Your Bank For A Dollar

The New Business Plan For Banks

What Happens When Management And labour Work As Partners

Hedge Funds Explained

The Gloomy Economist

The Economics Of Uncertainty

Mark Walsh of Lehman Tries To Warn Joe Gregory About Risk

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