DIGNITY OF OFFICE: Likely Australian Senator Caught In Kangaroo-Poo Fight, Pantsing Video

Likely minor party senator Ricky Muir appears to be shown having a kangaroo poo fight in a video posted to his YouTube Account.

Jonathan Swan from the Sydney Morning Herald reported on the video today, after the YouTube account was set to private on Saturday, when the federal election was held.

Muir, a candidate from the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party, looks set to win a seat in the Senate despite receiving a small number of votes, thanks to the complex system of minor party preferences used to elect members of the Upper House.

The video, titled ‘Family Fight in Australia’ shows a man who looks similar to Muir throwing Kangaroo droppings at friends.

At the beginning of the video, the man who looks very much like Muir picks up one of the droppings and says: “This is kangaroo poo. Yum yum.”

Business Insider has contacted the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party for comment.

A spokesperson for the party told Fairfax Media Muir was not available today, but that the video simply depicts a bit of fun. “”People have fun in their lives. What’s the big deal?”

Other media outlets have tried without success to contact Muir. A reporter from The ABC went to his house and was told he was not home.

Ricky MuirThe man thought to be an incoming Senator

There’s more at the Sydney Morning Herald.

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