Digital Video: What’s In and Out in 2011

2010 was a whirlwind year for digital video. The market was further validated and consolidated with the acquisition of several key players: VideoEgg joined forces with Six Apart, Tremor purchased ScanScout and of course, Specific Media acquired BBE.

New delivery channels came into view as mobile video gained steam and the iPad was introduced. And we saw the industry poise itself for monumental growth, with eMarketer reporting that online video advertising—expected to grow by at least 34% every year through 2014—will carry digital advertising forward.

So with the wind at its back, the digital video industry re-focused on quality and negotiated the intricacies of scale. We learned that if interactive video is going to take money away from TV, then we can’t rely on a homemade, two-minute funny shtick – the industry needs to be delivering professionally produced, premium content that people want to watch week after week.

In short (no pun intended), consumers desire high quality, professionally produced video clips. And if video is going to scale, it’s not going to be because of your Flip camera.  Scale and quality are the keys to the kingdom, and will open up the gates in 2011. To that end, here’s what’s “In” and what’s “Out” for 2011:


Specific Media

Photo: Specific Media

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